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Are New Homes
A Better Deal?


Most homebuyers, especially first time buyers, don't consider new construction

when looking at homes. We've been taught that they are more expensive, which

they are, and to look for something more affordable.


The market has shifted, however, and now may be the perfect time to buy a new home. Rising interest rates have contributed to a shortage of existing home inventory which, in turn, has kept the cost of those homes high. The gap between buying an existing home and new construction is at an all time low. Throw in builder concessions and it just makes sense to look at new construction.

I have brought all of the builder information here to make the process of educating yourself and searching for a new home as simple as possible. Combine that with my knowledge and expertise and you are primed to hit a homerun. 

But why use an agent? It's true that you can go into the showroom and do it all yourself. Here's the thing, when you buy a car do you ever wonder if you got a good deal? If the dealer pulled one over on you? If something just fell through the cracks? We all have and we all know the salesperson with the dealer is representing the dealership, not us.


Now, what if you could bring an expert to guide and protect you and it wouldn't cost you a penny? Yeah, I thought so. Give me a call, and do it before you talk to any of the builders.

I have almost fifteen years of experience as a realtor, and over a decade as a contractor. I know how to build homes and cement deals. 

James King, Broker
1220 Amherst St, Winchester, VA 22601
Office: 540.686.7362
Each Office Independently Owned and Operated

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